We believe!

We are a social enterprise. Not a charity organization, and not your traditional for-profit business but in a sense, the best of both.


We believe we will be!

A leader and preferred provider in technologies in every Filipino and to the world.

We believe we can!

Advanced Mindlab Technologies, Inc. is committed, to educate and provide electronics technologies and low-cost solutions, to enthusiasts, academe, engineers and other institutions, by continuously innovating technologies and partnership to key institutions, while competing with the international standards and support local industry.

We believe we are!

Advanced Mindlab Technologies, Inc. employees are a Mindlab Technologist. Mindlab Technologist shares five basic values.


We continuously strive to advance and redefine the technologies of today. Sets towards excellence and recognize in everything to create technologies, seeks new ideas with an open mind, constantly challenging the existing solution to drive innovation. Advanced Mindlab Technologies, Inc. makes advanced technologies simple to use.

Mindlab Technologian Culture

Every Mindlab Technologist is a;

- Team Player

- Continuously Curious

- Technically Competitive

- Fun

The culture promotes an environment conducive for learning, sharing of ideas, healthy competition, teamwork, professionalism and fellowship. Working in Advanced Mindlab Technologies, Inc. is fun.


We consistently conduct ourselves to the highest standards of integrity. We always promote activities with high ethics, professionalism, honesty, fair and that of no discrimination. We always deliver as promised and acknowledge our mistakes. We strive to ensure that Advanced Mindlab Technologies, Inc. is a trustworthy company.

Local Patronage

We always first consider local suppliers to help local economy. We acknowledge the importance of our local suppliers to achieve our goals. Thus, we help develop the new local suppliers that will share our values and as partners in achieving our goals. Advanced Mindlab Technologies, Inc. values local patronage.


We greatly value our customer by continuously innovating technologies with high quality and environment -friendly products and services. We maintain long lasting relationship by providing advanced technological solutions of the current needs while anticipating for the future. We are proactive and professional in doing business. We do business simple even for complex solutions.