EHAP, a Universal Counter board for Self Service Machine

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eHAP, a Universal Counter board for Self Service Machine





Target Applications

   Coin Credit Operated Self Service Computer Rental a.k.a. Piso-Piso Computer
   Self Served Drinking Water Machine a.k.a. Automatic Tubig Machine
   Coin Credit Operated Self Service Equipments/Amenities Rentals

Example System Diagram: File:Example.jpg


Design with End User in Mind •Accuracy - we believed that accuracy is very important factor in designing timer and counter.

  - if you are the owner, you want to have a accurate accounting of your water if you use on ATM
  - if you are the user/customer you want to have a precise and consistent  amount of water every time you use ATM

•User Friendly - traditional controller just use the coin signal to activate the output, in mindlab we design that the end user is aware when is the water will drop, he even can pause just incase the container is full.

Design with Business Owner in Mind

•Calibration - We believed that easily calibration is vital factor for the business owner. No need trial an error just to calibrate
•Fail-Safe function - Controller must have a way to eliminate stack coin slot signal to protect your investment, you don’t want to drain your water just for a stack coin.

•Configurable - the controller must be configurable to be use as timer or a counter.

•2 coin signal input in 1 module - if you want your system to accept 2 coin slot, you don’t need to buy additional controller.
•Expandable with 7segment display - higher version must be expandable with 7Segment  to show the status and other information.
•Extra LED and Buzzer Driver –  use as an indicator
•Extra Relay Driver – use to driver additional relay incase you want to use 2 coin slot.
•Build in Coin slot Power Supply enable and disable function – built in coin slot power enable and disable function

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