Electronics Design Process Jobs

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A typical product design process works like a series of inter-dependent jobs. It will vary on how complex and defined the clients wishes are.

  • Design Jobs starts in the clients describing their ideas, wants, and needs.
  • Our System Designers will translate and develop the clients description into a System Design. The design involves a close and confidential technical queries to the client and usually finalizes after several revisions. This nature of job is best quoted to charge per man-hour.
 A system block diagram and technical specifications will be the deliverables in a system design.
  • Once the system design is frozen, we will be able to quote properly for the remaining jobs.
  • Most of the system designs are new so it needs to be prototyped. A Proof of Concept job is needed before. Making of mocked-up prototype and the engineering design & development (ED&D) man-hours are charged per job. In a special case (software programming, investigation and trial-error type of development), ED&D will be charged per man-hour basis, and will be specified in quotation,.
 Mocked-up Prototype and drawings are the deliverables in a Proof of Concept job.
  • When the system design is stable and proven in a prototype, the next step is to build an Engineering Sample. There will be a lot going on during this stage as this will be a more defined design representative to the Form, Fit, and Function of the intended application.
 Activities and jobs are like for example, the following;
 * Component Selections
 * Circuit Design and Schematic Capture
 * PCB Placement
 * PCB Layout
 * Parts Sourcing
 * PCB Assembly and Manufacturing
 * Functional Tests
 * Software programming and debugging
 * Design Verifications
 Each jobs can be either quoted are per job or charged per man-hours, and will be specified in a quotation.
  • A design verification results will be signed-off by the client to finalize into a Production Verification builds. Otherwise, the client can opt into a second iteration of the Engineering Sample.
  • A client may opt to skip Production Verification builds and go ahead into a Production Intent Build.
  • All statutory or legal requirements for product/design qualifications must be done by a qualified third party agency. We can continue our technical support for it if the client requests so.