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Welcome to the Mindlabtech's Technical Support Wiki!

We are a bunch of fun loving fools yet smart and peaceful people that when together can somehow change the world a little bit better!

We do a lot of things and you can access here all the technical documentations.

Seriously Website

Kasagaran nga Pangutana


Hisgutanan (Forum)[1]

What we do!

  • Software Development
  • Technology System Solutions
  • Product Design and Development

MindLAB Program

Technology is quickly changing and mindlabtech need to cope with it through immersion and integration into the community that surrounds the company. Mindlabtech aims to break the barriers in a new way compared to traditional companies, more practical and open for continuous innovation, and the development of necessary skills to deliver;

  • Creative technology solutions to the partners
  • Maintaining the level of skill set to cope the ever changing needs

Mindlabtech believes can help achieve it by this program.

Key activities of the program are the following, but not limited to;

Train and Develop Technical skills of both our trainees as they are being coached and trainers as teaching is twice learning.

Discussion in the online forum to continue to challenge the status quo to improve it.

The forum efforts will not be enough if it is not implemented. Mindlabtech could sponsor a project that is feasible and aligned of what the company believes.

Development Boards

Thunder IOXBoard

Genesis SBuC

Research and Development Projects

The following projects serves as incubators for future products. Its more fun in mindlabtech!

Pugon: A Soldering Reflow Oven Status:Under Test!

Gahum VDS: PSU Programmable Voltage Drop Supply Status:Under Test!

TUYOK: Industrial Motor Controller Status:On-going!

TABANOG: The UAV project Status:Soon!

KUYANAP: I/O bord Status:Under Development!


Electronics Store

Hacker Labs


R&D projects combined into new product lines.

eHAP, a Universal Counter board for Self Service Machine Status:Ready for orders.

Coin Operated Self Service Machine for Renting Computer Status:Ready for orders.

Coin Operated Self Service Machine for Drinking Water Status:Ready for orders.

Favorite Sites

Official Website

Otik's Electronics Adventures


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