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We do pretty much anything that involves electronics technology!

If you need help, just ask! email us Admin@mindlabtech.com

We will answer you how we can help you, if cant do, we will refer you to someone we believe can do the job!

We do it with passion!

Electronics Design Process Jobs

   Schematic Capture (like using OrCAD,EAGLE, DesignSpark PCB, etc...)
   PCB Layout
   Circuit Design and Simulations
   Design Analysis (Worst-case Analysis, basically design calculations documentations)
   Circuit Board Prototyping

Software Development

   C/C++ embedded software programming
   GUI desktop applications interfacing embedded systems
   Web-based applications (PHP, HTML, Wordpress, WAMP, LAMP, Python, etc.)
   Verilog programming for CPLD and FPGAs.

Technology System Solutions

Providing solutions like automating business, industrial, commercial processes through the use technology from custom design electronics, computers, internet, motor control, and more.

   Retrofiting Factory systems
   Water pump control system.
   and the like...

Product Design and Development

Its the R&D department that makes all the fun! Got a burning idea, let us help make it happen.